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We completely understand:  This whole thing might be entirely new to you!  Trust us - when we got our start it was entirely new to us too!  And we're not talking about Storkin and Moonin either!  This is a great and exciting time in someone's life and we love being a part of it.  We also know that there are a lot of questions when it comes to our product.  Hopefully you'll find the answers below but if not please don't hesitate to call!
Q: Can I make a reservation?  How much time do you need to deliver the sign?  
A: You can make a reservation or you can call us right after the baby is born!  We will deliver your rental within 24 hours of taking your order.  If there is a specific time that you'd prefer the sign to be placed by then let us know and we will endeavor to make sure the storks are fed, watered, and in the air in time to make it.  If you've ordered a moon we'll be sure they get their orbits together in time!

Q:  When do you make the delivery?
A: The flock is available Sunday - Saturday.  If the storks are able to fly and/or no eclipse is scheduled for the moons then we should be able to accomodate same day deliveries!  We will do our best to have our arrivals be a surprise!  If certain times are better please specify when ordering!

Q:  How do you put the signs up?
A:  We're not sure how much you know about storks but their legs can be kind of wobbly.  We'll drive a post into the ground to help support our storks and the same for our moons - just don't let them know as they can be quite touchy about help!  Please keep in mind that grassy areas work best followed by a mulch bed.  Be sure to obtain permission from the complex if the recepient lives in an apartment as the sign will most likely be placed on common ground!  If there is a specific area the sign should be placed please let us know or mark it out!

Q:  How long is the rental for?
Our storks and the moons tend to enjoy spreading joy throughout the world.  That being said a typical rental is for seven days.  An additional fee can be applied at the time of the rental for an extra three days.  The flock prefers to migrate together (they can be lonely) so your rental may be onsite a day or so longer in preperation for a mass migration.  If this happens you won't be charged for the extra time - enjoy!

Q:  Does anyone have to meet with a Greeting Yards employee during drop off or pick up?
A: No.  We try to work as behind-the-scenes as possible.  We'll leave some information for you when we drop off the rental and when we pick up your keepsake bundle/star will be left behind!

Q:  Can I order online?
A: Not yet.  We really enjoy talking with our customers (its generally our only interaction) so please call to place your order.  We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Q:  How do I pay?
A:  Great question!  We take Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.  Sorry, since we prefer to work in the background so as not to impose on the joyous occasion, we don't take check or cash on delivery.

Q:  What do I need to order?
A:  Another great question!  The most important information is the baby's vital statistics:  Name (correct spelling, please!), Date of Birth, Length, and Weight.  The rest of the information has to do with whoever is making the order and where the delivery is going to be made.  If you want a sibling star please be sure to have the sibling's information as well! 

Q:  I'm not too comfortable ordering over the phone.  Is my credit card information safe?
A:  Glad you asked!  We use authorize.net which is the number one provider for Merchant Services (every retailer who has a credit card machine uses a merchant service in order to process them - its quite a lengthy discussion).  At the end of the day our orders are "batched out" (sent for processing) at which point your number is no longer with us!  Your statement should read a purchase with Greeting Yards, LLC.  Pretty neat, huh?  

Q:  I didn't see my question here.  What should I do?
A:  Call!  571-298-7103 or email greetingyards@gmail.com !

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